An Exemplary Job

Dear Dr. Thompson,

I just had to e-mail you re: Dr. Matthew Goetz. My husband and I moved to Asheville last July and we have three wonderful rescued dogs. One is pretty old. We had heard your practice was really good and one of the DVM summary's I read on your web site just clicked with me. I went into your practice to have a look, and was told that particular vet was leaving. Kalon, who is a delight, handed me the profile of a new Vet who was joining your practice, Dr. Goetz. I loved what the summary said about he and his wife and his picture had this big smile and I thought he seemed like a nice and very personable guy. Kalon told me he was her vet and how friendly he was and how much she liked and trusted him. So I made an appointment. Long story short, Dr. Goetz not only examined all our doggies, but ended up doing surgery on our older dog to remove seven mast cell growths on his body. He did an EXEMPLARY job.

Dr. Goetz is simply a pleasure to deal with, and we could tell he loves what he does for a living. My husband is a semi-retired trauma surgeon (people, not canines!) and he's pretty hard to please when it comes to getting excited about a health care provider. But Jerry trusted and really liked Dr. Goetz immediately; so did I. We've had four vet's over the past twenty plus years, and Dr. Goetz is the best one we've ever come across. He called us right after the surgery himself and gave my husband all the information re: the surgery and the biopsy results. Jerry was especially appreciative of being shown pictures of the growths he removed.

I've never written a review of a health care provider before, but Jerry suggested that I let your office know that we are clients of Dr. Goetz's for as long as our doggies are with us. Jerry is going show me how to write up a Yelp review of how wonderful he is (I'm computer challenged!!)

We just wanted you to know that our doggies are patients of Dr. Goetz's for life!!
Pamelyn Ferdin