Shy Cat Comforted By Gentle Care

April 22, 2011


Dear Dr. Duncan and Dorothy,

Thank you for altering your usual routine and gentle handling of Princess for her first visit to you. She did much better than I expected based on her prior history and normal cautious nature. A lot of the credit for how well she did is due to your gentleness and calmness. I really appreciate your making a special effort to insure there wasn't a chance for her to run from the exam room and find a place to hide. She is the best escape and hide cat we have ever had. Her "hidey" places are always the least accessible to humans and her brother as well.

She traveled well in her carrier, no complaining meows, agitated behavior, or trying to get out of the carrier. When we got her home from her visit with you she was cautious about coming out of her carrier. When she ventured out it was only a few minutes before she was strolling down the hall with her tail up. I gave her one of the catnip pillows I make (a piece of husband's old sock top filled with catnip and the ends stitched) which she pushed around with her head and purred.

When Willie approached her and sniffed her he noticed that she smelled "different" and he promptly hissed (very unusual for him). Princess calmly moved away from him a few inches and sat down. Willie approached her for another sniff and hissed again. Princess moved as before. Willie paused and then walked off and everything was back to normal.

Princess had no side effects from the rabies and distemper injections. Her energy and appetite were normal. What we did notice was that during the day she came to find us for some pets and rubs much more than she usually does.

Thank you again for the way you were so careful with her. Maybe next visit she will remember how nice and gentle you were.



Penny Erickson