Superb Medical Attention

Our cat Sassy was desperately sick and in need of immediate care. It was later in the afternoon, with our regular Veterinarian’s office soon closing for the day, and it was too late to get her in to see them. Desperately, we searched the internet for an animal hospital in Asheville. We were happy to find that AHNA was open into the evening, and we immediately called.

The staff was eager to help and got Sassy in that evening. Dr. Paul Duncan had the late shift that day. He quickly assessed her condition and prescribed an appropriate plan of treatment.

Sassy had to spend the night, and we brought her home the next day, but over the next few days, following Dr. Duncan’s advice, Sassy has made a full recovery.

Many thanks to Dr. Duncan and AHNA for providing Sassy with superb medical attention. Most impressive was Dr. Duncan’s willingness to return calls and walk us through each step of her healing process and the patience to explain every detail to make sure we knew what we needed to do with her home care. We were so impressed with Dr. Duncan and AHNA that we have decided to transfer her care to them. Although they are much farther away from our home, we feel that the care she has, and will receive at AHNA with Dr. Duncan will be the most comprehensive and effective in the area.

Nathan and Sandy Buchanan