A Truly Wonderful Experience - Puppy Preschool

To: Carla Horstmann

Dr. Betsy Thompson

We've just completed Animal Hospital of North Asheville Puppy Preschool, and we couldn't be more pleased. I understand that you are Dorothy and Evelyn's supervisors- and wanted you to know what a great job they did. The sessions were really well planned - a great combination of learning, socializing, and play. The topics each week were very important and demonstrated at a simple level - so rookie puppy owners like us could get it. But most important, Dorothy, Evelyn, Tye, and Kiri treated each puppy like the most special and wonderful puppy they had ever seen. All the puppies were showered with love and praise (and plenty of treats). Puppy oops (and ours had plenty) were greeted with a smile and a 'no problem' attitude.

Puppy Preschool was Carolina's (our sweet puppy's) favorite thing in the world (although seeing Dr. Plankenhorn is a close second). We are so very grateful for the opportunity to attend. What a truly wonderful experience.

Thank you.

Susan Enderle and Bentley Leonard