Veterinary Care Wrapped Up in a Blanket of Compassion.

A Testimonial from Eileen Bouressa of Animal Compassion Network

Dr. Plankenhorn, along with all of the doctors and staff at AHNA, have been a godsend to Animal Compassion Network and the animals we help. Not only do we swear by your medical expertise, we are also so grateful for your generosity. Your time, donations and sponsorships have enabled Animal Compassion Network to save so many more rescued animals and care for them in the way every animal deserves. Bella is just one of the dozens of stories we can share about our cats and dogs who are alive and healthy today thanks to Animal Hospital of North Asheville. Drs. Betsy and Dave Thompson deserve special recognition for their personal dedication to the well-being of all animals.

We also cannot thank AHNA enough for the pet food we receive from your pet food drives. ACN supplies 8 food pantries with enough pet food to meet the needs of pet guardians who cannot afford to feed their animals. Oftentimes, a little bit of pet food to get someone over a rough spot is all it takes to keep an animal in their home. We also focus our assistance on house-bound pet guardians, through agencies like Meals on Wheels. And just last month, we gained a new partner in Loving Food Resources, serving individuals with HIV/AIDS and in hospice care. There is tremendous need out there and Animal Hospital of North Asheville is an important partner in our quest to ensure no animal goes hungry.

Thank you, Animal Hospital of North Asheville, for your dedication to animal welfare and our rescue work. It's a rare and special thing when extraordinary veterinary care comes wrapped up in a blanket of compassion. We appreciate you!

On a personal note, I cannot write about AHNA without mentioning my own veterinarian, Dr. Jim Earley. Dr. Earley has cared for all nine of my pets for the last decade and has saved their lives on more than one occasion. When I was bottle-feeding an orphaned 2-day-old puppy who suddenly started to crash, I called Dr. Earley who stayed well past closing at AHNA until I arrived. In that moment, he became a hero to me as I watched him bring that puppy back. Samson, as he came to be named, became a Bouressa and grew to love Dr. Earley, who always spent the first five minutes of every visit playing with him. We faced surgeries, traumas and illnesses throughout the years, but Samson always recovered and thrived under Dr. Earley's care. When it was finally Samson's time, it was Dr. Earley who gently helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge. I have eight more cats and dogs with stories about Dr. Earley like this one. In saving and caring for so many in my family, he has become family.