Welcome to AHNA Puppy Preschool

We are excited to welcome you to the Animal Hospital of North Asheville’s Puppy Preschool.

Puppy Preschool allows puppies to interact with other puppies during their critical socialization period (3-16 weeks of age). Our Preschoolers learn valuable socializing skills while playing with the other puppies who attend, building confidence with positive experiences, and meeting new people.  It also strengthens the bond and understanding between families and their puppy. Along with forming healthy socialization skills through positive activities aimed at encouraging investigation, interaction, stimulation of senses and confidence building. It is a lot of fun too!

The Puppy Preschool is held Thursdays from 7-8pm. It is a FREE socialization session. It is not an obedience class, but we can recommend trainers to help with basic manner and behavioral issues if needed. Registration is required!

Each class has four sections: puppy to puppy socialization, training tips, exploration, and puppy to people socialization.

Puppy Preschool is held in the Education Room at Animal Hospital of North Asheville.

We have an area for the larger puppies and another area for the smaller puppies. Each class is structured to meet the ages and sizes of the puppies. Play is supervised by our instructors.

Before your first session, please visit the orientation slide show. You will find helpful information throughout our Puppy Preschool section to help with choosing a trainer, topics of training and socialization and much more.