About Us

Why Choose Us?

Just some of the new hospital features:

  • Totally separate facilities for cat and dog patients greatly enhances the patient experience
  • Feline ward includes play area/sun room; Special padding and blankets for all patients; TVs in wards
  • Intensive Care Pods where you can be with your hospitalized patient all day, if you like
  • A learning center to bring you classes about pet health care
  • Well-equipped Emergency Treatment Room and diagnostic area for incoming emergencies
  • Updated and separate feline and canine ICU units for constant attention of critical cases
  • More windows throughout for enhanced natural lighting for patient feeling of well-being
  • Special Procedures Room for endoscopy, otoscopy, rhinoscopy & other advanced procedures
  • Spacious surgery suite with own air system that can accommodate our laparoscopic equipment
  • Two dental suites with separate air system and the latest in digital dental x-ray and equipment
  • Safe, well-lit, enclosed outdoor walking area for hospitalized patients

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Special Hours:

  • ALL NIGHT CARE: We are committed to exceptional, advanced pain control and are leaders in this area. Longbefore pain control was common, we had a board certified surgeon/pain specialist come on site to evaluate our procedures and train us using regional nerve blocks, continuous rate infusions, epidurals and other techniques.  Always keeping current on the latest information, we control pain prior to, during and after surgery more safely and with less depth of anesthesia.  The ONLY way to ensure excellent pain control and medical monitoring throughout the night is to have staff in the hospital, awake and constantly monitoring our patients, so we provide a unique service to our patients in that we provide all night nursing care with a doctor on call Monday morning through noon on Saturday. 
  • $$$ SAVINGS:  We reviewed our client’s usage of emergency facilities and identified that if we stayed open until 8:30 PM weekday evenings, offered appointment hours Saturday morning and acute care hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, we would reduce our client’s need for emergency hospital care by approximately 80%. Our extended hours save you money as well as the inconvenience of transporting your pet back and forth to an emergency facility.  Most important, our hours allow your pet to be cared for by a staff who knows your pet and has the complete medical record.

Gentle Care:

  • With the exception of times that your pet is in surgery, undergoing chemotherapy or radiology, or experiencing a critical emergency, you are welcome to be with your pet throughout the hospital so that you can see everything your baby experiences and, more importantly, so that your little one (or big one) has your reassuring presence!
  • Of course, all of our staff members are selected for their love of and desire to care for animals, and they receive hours of instruction from noted behaviorists on how to reduce patient stress and provide comfort.

Quality care:

  • Our goal is a fast and accurate diagnosis.  This saves you money and prevents suffering and heartache. We keep technologically updated to provide your pet the best in diagnostics.
  • We have a fulltime Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist, one doctor entirely devoted to dentistry and anesthesia, a doctor with extensive ultrasound training, and each of our nine veterinarians has increased training in an area of special interest.  These qualifications are rare in WNC and saves money and travel time to larger cities for this expertise.
  • N.C. requires that veterinarians receive 20 yours yearly of veterinary continuing education training.  We require 50 hours yearly and attendance at national meetings where the latest information is available.
  • Our doctors hold rounds on complex inpatient and outpatient cases at no additional charge.
  • We have the latest telemedicine capabilities, so if needed we can receive a radiologist’s written consultation on x-rays or ultrasound electronically within an hour.
  • 40 computer work stations in the hospital keep your pet’s complete medical record at everyone’s fingertips
  • GREEN HOSPITAL:  Energy Recovery System for our heating/cooling,  99% paperless, recycle, recycle, recycle, energy saving bubs and appliances
  • GENERATOR to provide life-saving care in a power outage

Our Team:

  • Our non-doctor staff is highly trained and they greatly impact the care that our patients receive.
  • Staff retention greater than 10 years – very high for this industry – we have the best.
  • We close 2.5 hours Tuesdays for staff training and provide off campus training opportunities.
  • We have 11 gentle Certified Veterinary Technicians caring for patients.

Our Fees:

  • Our goal is to provide the best care at an affordable price. We keep our prices lower than comparable hospitals and offer the best value.  Buying in volume allows us to keep prices low and the use of our expensive equipment by so many veterinarians allows us to charge lower prices.

Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Awarded Pet Plan’s national award, “Practice of the Year 2014.”
  • Voted Best Veterinarian by Mountain Express year after year.
  • Voted Best Veterinarian by WNC Parent year after year.
  • Superior Service Award from Angie’s List – the highest award
  • Certified by The American Animal Hospital Association since 1979. First in Asheville!
  • Gold Level (highest) Cat Friendly Practice Program of American Association of Feline Practitioners – “Treatment, equipment and environment designed to elevate care for cats.”
  • Beautification awards:  Men’s Garden Club and Quality Forward
  • Active with humane organizations, nursing home pets, school pets, wildlife rehab, dog parks, etc.
  • Living Wage Certified 2013 - “It is rare in the animal care industry to provide a Living Wage to all your staff; we encourage our community to support and celebrate this philosophy. Animal Hospital of North Asheville is redefining the term “successful business” by looking beyond profit alone and taking more relevant factors into consideration, such as employees, environment, and our community.”

About AAHA Certification

Animal Hospital of North Asheville has been certified by the American Animal Hospital Association since 1979. We are the first veterinary hospital in Asheville to receive AAHA-accredidation and we remain committed to AAHA's high standards of excellence.

What does AAHA-certification mean for your pet and you? In order to achieve AAHA-certification, the Animal Hospital of North Asheville must adhere to the highest standards in customer service, facility operations, patient care, and medical equipment, among other criteria. Only a small percentage of animal hospitals in the country achieve AAHA-certification.