Emergency Veterinary Care

At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, our vets provide urgent and emergency veterinary care for pets in the North Asheville area.

Need Emergency Care?
Call (828) 253-3393

If you need emergency or urgent veterinary care during our business hours, contact us as soon as you can. Beginning treatment immediately can decrease recovery time — or even save a pet's life.

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After Hours Emergencies

Contact Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital & Veterinary Emergency Hospital

205 N Highland Lake Rd, Flat Rock, NC 28731 US
Open Evenings, Weekends & Holidays

Call (828) 697-7767

Map & Hours

Veterinary Emergencies

These are examples of emergency situations that need immediate veterinary attention:

  • Severe or non-stop bleeding
  • Clear signs of pain or severe anxiety
  • Difficulty breathing, choking, continuous coughing or gagging
  • Staggering or seizures
  • Blood in urine or bleeding from the nose, mouth or rectum
  • Inability to urinate or defecate, or pain when attempting to go to the bathroom
  • Eye injuries
  • Ingesting something poisonous (such as rodent poison, chocolate, antifreeze, xylitol, etc.)
  • Fractured or broken bones or serious lameness
  • Heatstroke or heat stress
  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea (twice or more in 24 hours)
  • Refusing to drink for a full day or more
  • Unconsciousness

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