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Core Veterinary Care

From preventive exams and vaccinations to surgery, dental care and internal medicine, Animal Hospital of North Asheville has all the veterinary services necessary to keep your pet healthy.

Pet Vaccines & Prevention, North Asheville

Pet Vaccines & Prevention

Keep your pet healthy with routine vaccinations and parasite prevention.

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Routine Pet Exams & Wellness, North Asheville

Routine Pet Exams & Wellness

Routine wellness exams are a key part of preventive health care for cats and dogs.

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Veterinary Internal Medicine, North Asheville

Veterinary Internal Medicine

Our veterinarians diagnose and treat a wide range of internal medicine conditions.

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Emergency Veterinary Care, North Asheville

Emergency Veterinary Care

We provide urgent and emergency veterinary care for cats and dogs.

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Laser Therapy for Pets, North Asheville

Laser Therapy for Pets

Laser therapy is a drug-free treatment for painful and inflammatory conditions.

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Pet Dental Care & Cleaning, North Asheville

Pet Dental Care & Cleaning

Our veterinarians provide quality veterinary dental care for cats and dogs in Asheville.

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New Patients Welcome

Looking for a vet in Asheville? We're always happy to welcome new patients!

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