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Medical Pet Boarding for Dogs & Cats

The dedicated and compassionate team at Animal Hospital of North Asheville provides overnight medical boarding services for dogs and cats in Asheville, NC.

Safe & Reliable Care

We know it can be stressful when you have to leave your pet, especially when that pet has ongoing healthcare needs that require special attention and care.

Our veterinarians and veterinary professionals at Animal Hospital of North Asheville provide comprehensive medical boarding services for cats and dogs who require special care or medication.

You can trust our experienced team to provide your pet with a safe and comfortable home away from home while you're out of town.

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Your Pet's Home Away From Home, Asheville Vet

Comfortable & Caring Accommodations

While staying with us, your pet will enjoy lots of TLC and personal time with our staff. We'll follow all special instructions for diet, medication, and exercise necessary to keep your pet happy and healthy during their stay with us.

The Canine Boarding Experience

Our climate-controlled canine accommodations feature private kennels with soft, clean bedding.

Your dog will be fed and administered medication according to your specifications so that their routine is the same as it is at home.

Pheromones are diffused throughout the canine area to help dogs feel more relaxed. We offer soothing music, enrichment, and privacy hideaways or curtains.

Each patient is monitored throughout their stay for signs of fear, stress, anxiety, or change in medical conditions. Any concerns will be addressed by their veterinarian.

During their stay, our nursing staff routinely walks the dogs outside in our fences in courtyard for fresh air, exercise, and eliminations. 

The Feline Boarding Experience

Our animal hospital is AAFP Gold Certified and Fear Free Certified and that extends to our boarding facilities as well.

Our cat boarding area is fully separate from the dogs. Each cat resides in their own "cat condo" which consists of 1-2 rooms. We even have a sun room for one individual cat to relax in at a time. Special padding and blankets, TVs, heated beds, separate sleeping and elimination areas, and calming music are offered. Pheromones are diffused throughout the feline area to help cats feel more relaxed along with hideaways and privacy curtains.

During your cat's stay, they will be fed and administered medication according to your specifications so that their routine is the same as it is at home. Each cat get daily interaction with our staff, including enrichment activities, play, snuggles, and pets. Each litter box is checked, cleaned and disinfected periodically throughout the day. 

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