Accompanying Your Pet

We Welcome You to Accompany Your Pet for Treatments or Tests

At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we realize that the love your pet has for you is unique, and that there is no real substitute for the love and reassurance that you provide. We know that your presence is comforting to your pet and that many people also find comfort in seeing exactly what their pet experiences. For that reason, almost all areas of our hospital are set up for a family member to accompany each pet whether the treatment is being performed as an outpatient visit or during hospitalization. Of course, we also realize that many people find medical settings stressful and do not wish to be present while blood is drawn or treatments are performed, so we are very good at giving treats and hugs and lots of TLC to keep our patients happy even when their family is not there. It is totally up to you whether you accompany your pet or not.

There are a few limitations to our open policy for accompanying or visiting your pet. For your safety, you cannot accompany your pet to radiology or chemotherapy. In addition, if your pet is undergoing surgery or a procedure requiring anesthesia, we want to focus one hundred percent of our attention on your pet and cannot allow you to be with your pet until your pet leaves the Recovery Room. Also, in certain critical emergency situations, we may ask you to wait in a separate room so we can totally focus on your pet’s care.

A condition of our open visitation/accompanying policy is that you must listen to and follow the directions of our highly trained and experienced staff. Their job is to provide gentle, skilled care to your pet while keeping you safe and avoiding injury themselves. You can be close at hand to provide reassurance to your pet while treatments are done, but our staff must be the ones to actually hold your pet. Pets often react differently to family members in a medical setting, so for safety’s sake, our staff will instruct you to stay a few feet back for the few minutes it takes to perform a procedure. Another important rule for visiting or accompanying your pet is: Do not reach out your hand towards or touch any pet other than your own. Pets often give no warning before they bite, so please do not try to pet or touch any pet but your own.

Should your pet require hospitalization, visiting is allowed and encouraged. Our hospital is constantly staffed for gentle, loving nursing care 24 hours a day from Monday at 7:30 AM until 5:00 PM on Saturday, and although your pet will be very well cared by our staff, a visit from family is special! Our visiting hours for hospitalized patients are from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM during the week and from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM on Saturday. When visiting hospitalized pets, we ask that visitors be limited to two at a time and that you check in at the front desk each and every time you enter. Also, please do not expect to meet with your pet’s veterinarian each time you visit your hospitalized pet. Our veterinarians will keep you well informed as to your pet’s medical progress by phone, text and email, but may not be able to take time away from their scheduled appointments and surgeries to meet with you at the time you visit.

We greatly appreciate your partnering with us to provide the best and most loving care we can. Please know that our mission is to see your pet’s visit or hospitalization through your pet’s eyes and to do everything we can to make it comfortable and reassuring.