Hospital Policies


To allow for ample time for all patients and surgical procedures, AHNA operates by appointment only.* Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel an appointment and we will be happy to reschedule it for you. We request all our clients arrive just a few minutes early to allow ample time to get checked in. For your convenience our pre-visit questionnaire that can be downloaded, printed and filled out before your visit.

* We do accept emergencies however there may be a wait if your pet’s condition is determined to be stable after arrival. Please call ahead if possible and inform us if your pet needs to be seen on an emergency basis.

Welcome to AHNA: New Dog/Puppy Questionnaire (first visit)

Welcome to AHNA: New Cat/Kitten Questionnaire (first visit)

Annual Canine Physical Exam

Annual Feline Physical Exam

Change of Contact Information / Dog Families

Change of Contact Information / Cat Families


Safety While at AHNA

For you and your pet’s protection, please arrive with all dogs on a 6-foot non-retractable leash.  Rectractable leashesRetractableeasily tangled in our busy lobby, risking injury to you, other families and your canine companion. Please leave items like prong and shock collars at home.  If you prefer not to wait in the reception area, just let us know when you’re scheduling the appointment and we’ll be happy to arrange an alternative entrance and exit.

Please arrive with all cats in their carrier with a towel over top to help minimize stress.

Would you like to minimize stress when traveling to the vet?  Please visit our Fear Free Section for more information!

Prescriptions (Prescribed Diets and Medications)

We are happy to fill your prescriptions or have your food order ready for pick up when you need them. Please call ahead (ideally 24 hours in advance) so we can have your order ready when you arrive. If your pet has not been seen by one of our doctors within 12 months, we must make an appointment to see your pet before we can refill medicine or food.  Just as with you and your human physician, our veterinarian must have a current doctor-patient relationship with your pet prior to prescribing medication.

For your convenience, you can request a refill your pet’s prescription online

Rabies Policy: Rabies is a Required Vaccine According to North Carolina State Law

Rabies is a very serious and fatal disease for both humans and pets. North Carolina law requires all pets be vaccinated against rabies.  In order to comply with the law, we may decline to see your pet unless the Rabies vaccination can be updated at the time of your visit.

We take this seriously because we want to help you avoid the very serious consequences that can occur if your pet’s rabies vaccination isn’t kept up to date.  According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the law states if a pet isn’t up to date on his/her rabies vaccination and is bitten by a wild animal, North Carolina Animal Control is required to quarantine the pet for 6 months at a location of their choice or euthanize the pet at their discretion. You may read the full wording of the law here.