Local Wildlife Rehabilitators


We currently DO NOT have a certified wildlife rehabilitator on-site at the Animal Hospital of North Asheville. We are limited by what we can do to help. Wildlife rehabilitators have the appropriate equipment and knowledge on how to best rehabilitate and release the animal(s). Please call first before coming to AHNA. Please do not drop off wildlife to AHNA.

Wildlife Rehabilitators go through extensive, specialized training and receive the proper permits through the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and Fish and Wildlife Service to care for the injured and orphaned animals they have in their care.  There are many laws and regulations in place to protect wildlife and wild places. These regulations are important in helping to keep the animals and the public safe as well as conserving populations and habitats. Just like the regulations that mandate who can work with native wildlife there are regulations that mandate what native wildlife rehabilitators can work with. Legally we can only do some much here, animals need to go to a licensed rehabilitator.

If the animal a raccoon, bat, skunk, fox or coyote? DO NOT TOUCH!! Contact Local Animal Control, Health Department, or Wildlife Resources Commission. Raccoons, bats, skunks, foxes, and coyotes can transmit the fatal RABIES virus to humans and only specially trained and authorized personnel are allowed to handle these animals, even if they are babies.  Never handle an adult animal without first consulting a wildlife professional. Even small animals can injure you. Once you've contacted someone who can help, describe the animal and his physical condition as accurately as possible.

  • City of Asheville: 828-252-1110
  • Buncombe Co. Animal Control: 828-250-6670
  • Buncombe Co. Health Dept: 828-250-5000
  • Madison Co. Animal Control: 828-649-3190
  • Haywood Co. Animal Control: 828-456-5338
  • Henderson Co Animal Control: 828-697-4723
  • NC Wildlife Resource Commission: 919-707-0010

Great Website: What to do if I find injured or orphaned wildlife

Local Buncombe County Rehabilitators:

  • Appalachian Wildlife Refuge: Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is a nonprofit that coordinates the needs of wildlife rehabilitation in Western North Carolina providing care for injured and orphaned wildlife, support for the wildlife rehabilitation network and conservation education to the community. Email:wildlife@appalachianwild.org - Savannah Trantham: 828-777-5223
  • Broad River Animal Hospital, Kelly Brown (certified wildlife rehabilitator), 121 Barnardsville Hwy, Weaverville, NC - Phone: 828-484-7771
  • Wild For Life Inc: 828-665-4341 (Birds of Prey)   
  • Carlton Burke: 828-891-5169 or 828-231-0117 (raptors, reptiles, and mammals) 
  • Megan Crook: 828-276-6536 (opossums)
  • Edith Allen Wildlife Sanctuary in Canton: 828-788-1805 (baby songbirds)


Click Here to view a list of surrounding counties’ certified rehabilitators.