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2020 Newsletters 

January 2020 - Keep Your Pets Safe During Winter 

February 2020 -  Welcome a New Veterinarian to AHNA!  And do puppies and kittens need braces?

2019 Newsletters

January 2019 - Together We Can Provide The Best Low-Stress Veterinary Visits! 

February 2019 - We are now Fear Free Certified!  

March 2019 - How To Keep Your Pet Safe From Cannabis Poisoning 

April 2019 - Squirt the Brave Kitten, Springtime Safety Tips 

May 2019 - Pet Expo, Enriching your cats' 9 lives and 40 years of AAHA Certification  

June 2019 - Have a happy and stress-free July 4th with your pets!  

July 2019 - Are you and your pets ready in case of a fire? Why is bloodwork important? 

August 2019 - Blue-Algae Intoxication in Pets, FAQs about Grain-Free Diets, and more! 

September 2019 - How to help your fearful pet before a vet visit, helping Hurricane Dorian animals 

October 2019 -  Help Your Pet Have a Happy and Fear Free Halloween, Thank You to our Amazing AHNA Family!

November 2019 - Holiday Hours & How to keep your pets safe during the holidays 

December 2019 - Photo Shoot, Food Drive, and Introducing Dr. Rhoades!

2018 Newsletters

January 2018 - Winter Toxicities, Pet Loss Grief Support, & more!

February 2018 - Happy healthy hearts, Why cats purr, a CUTE video & more!

March 2018 - Cat Fights, Year-Round Problems with Fleas, Ticks & Heartworms, & more!

April 2018 - PugPug & Navy, Flu Vaccine Update, & much more!  

May 2018 - Bees, Bites and Bald Spots.... Oh My! 

June 2018 - Taking the fright out of July 4th & Swimming Safety Tips 

July 2018 - Pitter Patter of Puppy Paws, Pet Obesity Increasing, & more! 

August 2018 - Rat Poison Now More Dangerous to Pets, Voted Best of WNC & more! 

September 2018 - Grain-free Diets, an FDA Alert, & Donations for Hurricane Florence

October 2018 - Pets & Beer - Keep Your Pooch Off the Hooch & How to be a Friend to Your Feline 

November 2018 - Thanksgiving hours, Finding a Pet Sitter, & Top Cat Toxins  

December 2018 - Our Holiday Hours, Gifts for your Pet, & Cat Litter Science! 

2017 Newsletters

January 2017 - Puppy Saved from Fire, Winter Pet Safety, & more! 

February 2017 - Vaccine for canine flu, Dangerous chew toys, and more

March 2017 - What to do if Your Pet is Hit by a Car, Flea & Tick Update, & Please Vote!

April 2017 - Voting extended until April 29th & Welcome Dr. Foote

May 2017 - May News - Snake Season Survival, Hiking with your Dog, Your Cat's Nose

June 2017 - Canine Flu, Coping with Fireworks, & Kitten-Proofing Your Home 

July 2017 - Why Retractable Leashes are Dangerous, Feline Asthma, & More!  

August 2017 - Microchip reunites family after 4 years, Sun protection for pets, & more! 

September 2017 - Are you prepared to evacuate with your pets? (and more) 

October 2017 - New Hospital Director, a Fear Free Halloween, & more! 

November 2017 - Happy Thanksgiving, Welcome a New Veterinarian, & more

December 2017 - Happy Holidays from everyone at AHNA!

2016 Newsletters

January 2016 - What Happens when My Pet Gets a Cavity? New, Even Better Ultrasound!

February 2016 - Caution When Buying Raw Hide Chews & a New Addition to the Earley Family

March 2016 - The Best Product Combinations for Preventing Flea & Tick Problems & Seminar on Preventing Pain Held at AHNA 

April 2016 - AHNA Wins Top Honor, Puppies Saved by Surgery, How to Tell if Your Cat is in Pain, & More!

May 2016 - Tick Alert, the 'Catkins' Diet, and more!

June 2016 - Hot Car Rescue at AHNA, July 4th safety, & more!

July 2016 - Rabies Alert, Reducing Pet Fear, & more

August 2016 - Welcome a New Veterinarian, Voted #1 in WNC! 

September 2016 - Welcome a New Veterinarian, Why Secondhand Smoke is Bad for Your Pet, & more!

October 2016 - Pet Trick-or-Treating is Oct 26th at AHNA!

November 2016 - Is wildfire smoke dangerous for your pet? (and more!)

December 2016 - Pet Food Needed Locally & Holiday Tips for Your Pets

2015 Newsletters

January 2015 - A video on how to brush your pet's teeth, results on our food drive, & more!

February 2015 - Safe pet chews, important cat dental care class, and more!

March 2015 - Enhancements to make your pet's visit to AHNA even better

April 2015 - FDA Alert for Pet Owners and a Happy Rescue Story

May 2015 - Why do we give so many treats?

June 2015 - Some peanut butters can harm your pet & How YOU can help prevent sales tax on vet services

July 2015 - Dogs with Flu are Examined in a Different Building

August 2015 - Welcome Back Dr. Earley! And our new extended hours

September 2015 - Canine Flu Update, Our Saturday Hours, Detecting Cancer Early & more! 

October 2015 - Happy Howl-o-ween at AHNA!

November 2015 - Donate to our Annual Pet Food Drive, 2 New Veterinarians join our team, & more!

December 2015 - Our holiday newsletter!

2014 Newsletters

January 2014 - We are a finalist for Practice of the Year!

February 2014 - AHNA wins National Award - 2014 Practice of the Year

March 2014 - A New Way to Benefit from Our Website, A Puppy Video, and more!

April 2014 - Vote for AHNA, Pets and Technology, & Important information on Fleas & Ticks

May 2014 - Vote for AHNA!

June 2014 - Celebrating One Year of Puppy Preschool!

July 2014 - Welcome to our two new veterinarians!

August 2014 - The Best Veterinarians in WNC!

September 2014 - New No-Pull Harness, Food Bowl Safety, & more!

October 2014 - Happy Howl-O-Ween, Taste of Compassion, & more!

November 2014 - Collecting Food for Needy Pets & You Helped Us Find a Lost Pet!

December 2014 - Our Holiday Video, a Checklist to follow if you lose your pet, and more!

2013 Newsletters

January 2013 - 5 tons of pet food raised for needy animals and more

February 2013 - Senior Sweethearts Video, 2,000 pounds of food for homeless pets, and more

March 2013 - AHNA Sponsors AHA Trivia Night, We are Living Wage Certified, and more! 

April 2013 - AHNA is 1 of 3 Animal Hospitals in North Carolina Certified as a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice

May 2013 - You are invited to an important City Council meeting!

June 2013 - Vote for AHNA!

July 2013 - Our new extended hours, puppy preschool, and more

August 2013 - Heartworm Alert and Video of the Thompson's Grandpets

September 2013 - Meet Our New Veterinarian!

October 2013 - Beware Jerky Treats, Happy Howl-o-ween, and more

November 2013 - Our Annual Pet Food Drive & Sign a Petition for a North Asheville Dog Park

December 2013 - Our Fun and Festive Holiday Video, Gifts for Foster Children and more


2012 Newsletters

January 2012 - S.T.E.P.S. program, Life-Threatening Emergencies, Puppy Power, and more!

February 2012 - 20 seconds a day to lengthen your pet's life!

March 2012 - The Final Phase of Our Expansion

April 2012 - Vote for AHNA, Kitten Video, & more! 

May 2012 - Our upcoming Open House, Pet Food Recalls, & more!

June 2012 - What to do when your pet is stung, kitten video & more!

July 2012 - Invitation to our Open House

August 2012 - Deciphering pet food labels, photos and video from our Open House, and more!

September 2012 - AAHA Accredidation, We believe in Magic, & more!

October 2012 - Best of WNC 2012, more dental appointments now available, & more!

November 2012 - Announcing our Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive and more!

December 2012 - Our Holiday Video, Tips and more!


2011 Newsletters

January 2011 - Two funny videos, Year-round flea care, and more

February 2011 - Valentine's Photos, Video, and Vital Information on Rabies

March 2011 - A Cat Trick Video, Touching Memorial, and more

April 2011 - Henry the Hugging Cat, Online Pet Food Drive, and more

May 2011 - Video of a dog walking on three legs, emergency surgery, over a thousand pounds of donated food, and more

June 2011 - A superhero cat saves her owner's life, treat time at AHNA, hyperthyroid disease in cats, and more

July 2011 - AHNA Expansion Announcement, Pet First Aid, Video of the smallest member of our team, and more

August 2011 - A Secret Agent Cat, Smokey the Guide Dog, A day in the Life of a CCT, Video of our pets playing in water, & more

September 2011 - Health Alert for All Pets, Video of Dr. Plankenhorn's Cats, a Valuable New Service, & more

October 2011 - Halloween Photos, Hilarious Employee Pet Spotlight, Successful surgery story

November 2011 - Holiday Pet Food Drive, Deer Tick Health Alert, and more!

December 2011 - Holiday Video, Pet Food Recalls, Grove Park Inn Gingerbread Doghouse Competition winners, and more!


2010 Newsletters

Articles from the May - September 2010 Newsletters are available on our website.

October 2010 - Halloween Pet Pictures, AHNA supports ACN

November 2010 - AHNA Feature Video, K Laser Treatment

December 2010 - Holiday Party Pics, Pet Food Drive, and Holiday Pet Safety