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Wall Mounted Cat Perches

Wall Mounted Cat Perches

We are continually amazed at what our clients do to enrich the lives of their pets! Here is a clever idea from one of our clients - wall-mounted cat perches!

Tom Hand built these cat perches for his three cats, Puddles (age 16), Cadeau (15), and Tadpole (14). The cats love their new perches and Tom says that he has noticed that the cats are more active since he built the perches, which is important as elderly cats tend to become sedentary as they age.

Puddles and Tadpole enjoy the perches the most as they fall into the category of ‘tree dwelling’ cats – cats who prefer to be up high – whereas Cadeau is more of a ‘bush dweller’ who prefers to be under the bed and close to the ground. (Although Cadeau can be persuaded to hop onto a perch with wet food!)

Tom covered each perch with carpet, which the cats use to sharpen their claws, and if he really wants to treat his favorite trio, he sprinkles catnip on the perches!

Tadpole loves to rub and scratch on the perches!

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