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"Wild for Wildlife" Original Art Contest Supporting Appalachian Wildlife


"Wild For Wild Life" Art Contest
Win prizes and show your love for wildlife!

It is said springtime is the season for beauty, blooms, and birth. Animal Hospital of North Asheville, a wonderful partner to wildlife in need, is helping celebrate and support Appalachian Wildlife Refuge during the very busy wild baby season! 

Through May 1st, we invite you to submit an original drawing or painting of wildlife and we will share it to the AHNA and the Appalachian Wildlife social media pages and websites.  The first week of May, the AHNA and AWR social media families will vote online to choose their favorites.

Everyone who enters will receive a link to the Wildlife Activity Booklet and a AHNA Tote. 
Our top entries will receive a special gift supporting the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge.
The winner in each category will be featured online.

VOTING HAS STARTED! Vote for your favorite in each category by listing the artwork number in the comments on the facebook posting. Share the post with family and friend to vote! Voting is open through Sunday night at Midnight! 


  • Kids: up to 11 years old
  • Teenagers: 12-17 years old                            
  • Adults:  18+

If you prefer to help support Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in a different way, consider donating items through AHNA's "Save the Wild Ones Baby Shower". 

For more information:


KIDS (under 11 years old)

#1:  "I love wildlife because learning about animals is interesting." - Lyra Sue (6 yrs)

#2:  Jack loves wildlife because " all the baby animals are so cute!" - Jack (7 yrs) 

#3: She loves "climbing trees & all the bugs & the warm sun and fresh air".  Alice (6.5 yrs)

#4: "I love wildlife because I like to watch the white squirrel and birds in my yard." Thomas (6 yrs)

#5 -Grace. ( 8yr old)

TEENAGERS (12-17 years old) 



#6:  I love Animals because they all help the environment. Mia L (13yrs)- 2 photos

#7: I love wildlife because it is so simple yet so complex. It's God's creation and I just want to learn all I can about it. I want to be a marine biologist so that I can surround myself with nature's beauty all of my life. It pains me though that some of the creatures that are around today won't be later because of human negligence. This is why I want to do all I can to spread awareness about threatened species like the barn owl. -Olivia 

#8: I love nature because of how peaceful and relaxing it can be after a long day. (Jade 14yrs)

#9: My 13 year old grand daughter, Madison Rae, is exploring Texas wildlife and experimenting with photography.  I do believe this sweet girl has a creative eye for detail. (2 photos)

 #10 "I love observing wildlife,  all animals are fascinating. & adorable!"-Lexi (12 yr)

ADULTS (18+)



             #11:  I love wildlife because the beauty from all - plants and all the animals bring me much joy. Seeing it renew itself is amazing and watching the way, even butterflies move so beautifully.  Diana (2 photos)


#12:  I love wildlife because wild animals possess wonderful qualities of innocence, purity of intention and action, extraordinary grace and agility, and fearlessness in defending their own species, especially their young.- James

#13: As an animal lover and dog owner, I love wildlife because of how beautifully diverse all the animals are and their different habitats. Watching wildlife also brings back memories of my dad and our time together sitting on our porch watching and identifying all the different birds that would land in our bird feeder. I believe it is within our power to protect and safeguard these precious animals and ensure they are safeguarded.- Leah

#14: I love wildlife because it brings me so much joy and serenity.  As I sip my morning cup of coffee...I gaze out my kitchen window listening to the songbirds.  I feel relaxed and settled and can tackle my hectic day!- Kristen

#15: Why I love wildlife: I love wildlife because its scope and beauty take my breath away. Nature has the unique ability to simultaneously empower me and make me realize my own insignificance. Whether it be the smallest of beetles or the largest National Park, nature gives evidence of a higher design and is humbling to behold. It reminds us that, contrary to society’s anthropogenic messages, the earth is not ours to dominate and develop, but rather a home to respect and share. -Sarah

#16 Jen (2 images)

#17: “I am grateful for the opportunity to travel our beautiful planet and capture Pictures of some of the enchanting places Earth has to offer. landscapes, Seascapes, or the creatures which inhabit them”- Ricky

#18: Kentucky's state bird is a Cardinal.  We grew up in western Kentucky.  Much love for our old Kentucky home and beautiful Cardinals.  I'm submitting my sister's painting ~ my love for her and cardinals, too!  - Linda


#19: I love painting wild life , flowers, trees and song birds.  I value everything that is nature and am a supporter of taking care of it. Belinda

 #20: I  am a wildlife observer who enjoys sketching humans, domestic cats and dogs, and still objects. - Hallie

#21: Kate

#22: I used to work with Becca the deer at the nature center and I've always loved her! - Kat

#23: “I love wildlife because every animal plays a role in a balance together. We all work together in one big cycle that makes up nature and the natural beautiful life that most of us take for granted. Every time I step outside it’s a reminder of the world that’s alive around me, and the amazing work that each animal does to keep the balance of nature flowing.”- Marissa

#24: Wildlife is incredibly important to me, and I find it so beautiful. I get to work with reptiles everyday, so I experience first hand what amazing personalities these little creatures can have. I specifically chose to draw this small-footed bat though because bats hold a special place in my heart. I have always adored their cute little faces, but they have such a paramount role in the ecosystem that I wish more people knew about. Big or small, I always geek out when I get to watch the bats fly around my backyard in the summer. I’ll sit on the porch and count them as they fly by which helps me to unwind after a long day. Bats are truly one of the highlights of my summers.
Thank you for all you do for all of the beautiful creatures in this world! - Emilee

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