Amy Conard, BS

Amy Conard, joined AHNA in 2018 and splits her time as an Exam Room Team member for Dr. Duncan and working in the treatment are as a member of the Patient Care Team. She loves being able to work with clients and patients every day. She feels lucky to be able to work in both aspects of the profession.  And we feel lucky to have such a compassionate person with a great sense of humor and strong work ethic join the team.

Amy is very compassionate when it comes to our patients and their families. She has a long history of working with people and animals. She worked at an animal shelter in high school, and as an animal caretaker at UGA Veterinary School while in college. She also had the chance to be an intern at the WNC Nature Center as a senior in college. Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with the major in Biological Sciences. Amy also has spent time working in a diagnostic laboratory. She is currently working on becoming Fear Free Certified.

Amy is surrounded by the love of her family- her husband Stephen, and their 2 daughters: Anna and Ellie. They share their home with a sweet old lady hound/lab mix named Luna, and Bayou, a pit bull mix who Amy calls her chocolate shadow since he is brown and does not understand the concept of personal space. Both of the dogs are rescues. Additionally, Wiley is a portly older yellow tabby, Henna a corn snake, and a few fish and gerbils round out this wonderful family.

Amy loves meeting all the cats and dogs we get to see and helping them to be able to relax and have a good visit. She strives to help create a visit that they will look forward to and depart already excited to see us again. Amy also loves to allay the worry and fear some families may have, helping everyone to have a calmer and happier visit. With her background in science, being able to help get answers and provide solutions throughout the diagnostic process is a very rewarding part of the job for her.

Amy truly enjoys working with her skilled and dedicated team members at AHNA and shares in their compassion and passion for all of the animals we get to work with.