Cindy Radcliffe

Cindy started has been part of the AHNA family since she was a young girl when her family brought their pets. She spent many years as part of our fabulous exam room team.  After several decades as a professional groomer and petsitter, Cindy has developed some pretty amazing pet handling skills as well as an uncanny knack for knowing the least stressful approach for each patient.  Cindy says one reason she feels at home here at AHNA is that she loves her coworkers—they’re all crazy animal people like her! Cindy not only takes care of patients as part of the patient care team but she also helps keep the hospital sanitized and clean.

When not at work, Cindy’s a homebody with her cats Manwich Franklin, Tater Tot, Clarisse, Rachel, Tim, and Noelle, not to mention two bunnies and a husband.