Felicia Shelton

We welcomed Felicia Shelton to the AHNA Client Care Team in April of 2018. Felicia's bright smile, sense of humor, compassion for people and pets along with strong attention to detail made her an immediate perfect fit. Before joining AHNA, Massachusetts native Felicia worked at Harvard University as an animal care technician for Rhesus Macaques, Cynomolgus Macaques, Marmosets, and Cotton Top Tamarins. Felicia is currently working on becoming Fear Free Certified.

Felicia has a passion for helping our human clients with their fur kids. She also feels very lucky to be surrounded by professionals who are just as passionate about caring for animals as she is.

Felicia's family consists of Dustin and their two cats, Muscle Man and Emmylou. Muscle Man showed up one day to show Felicia how awesome cats are and how much she loves them. Don't tell the dogs, but he converted her from a dog person to a cat person! Emmylou came into their lives shortly after, a sweet senior rescue girl from Asheville Humane Society.