A visit to AHNA through the Eyes of a Dog

Thank You For Helping Me Get My Pearly Whites Back!

Oh my tooth was hurting but you know, I couldn't let on because, well, I was afraid I'd lose my position in the pack! Not to mention my breath! Gads, it even kept ME awake at nights! My parents realized there was a problem and I'm so glad they brought me to ya'll. I was so well taken care of, and Doctor Dave, I LOVED the happy shot you gave me before my anesthesia and surgery. All those sounds and smells were driving me over the edge. Wowza!

Hey, I have lots of room out here in the woods to romp and run and you're welcome to come play with me whenever you want (don't forget the liver treats, I can chew them now :)

Again, to everyone who cared for me when I had my dental surgery, thank you very much!


Zak Becker 

A note from Zak's owner, Bill: Stoli also had her teeth worked on, but her spelling is terrible so Zak wrote the letter.