We think AHNA is just the BEST!

I was a show breeder of Miniature Pinschers in the Midwest for a number of years, plus, our work caused us to live in several states over a 10-year period. These factors caused me to have a lot of experience with many different veterinarians and animal hospitals. None came near reaching the level of competency, caring, and expertise of the staff of AHNA.

Our primary care provider, Dr. Earley, is the best diagnostician that I've encountered. He's also gentle and confident in examining my dogs, and takes time to explain any problems found and to answer my questions. His follow-up calls are reassuring and a definite plus to his service. 

Dr. Thompson is a wonderful dental specialist and educator. I trust him to put my 13 year-old Rat Terrier, who has heart murmurs, under anesthesia for necessary dental care. Actually, my husband and I have asked if we could become Dr. Thompson's dental patients, too. The dental equipment at AHNA is state-of-the -art and being up-dated constantly.

All the staff, from front desk to lab, are extremely well-trained, kind, and eager to help. We look forward to seeing all of you, when a visit to the AHNA is needed.  Another plus is the work that all the staff does for animal rescue! I could go on and on--etc.

By now, you might have gotten a clue. We think AHNA is just the BEST!

With much appreciation,
Judy Fillpot  (Husband Dave agrees!)