Your Pet's Diet

Feeding your pet a healthy, nutritious diet is essential to their good health, and yet there is so much to think about! Treats, how much and how often to feed, food allergies... it can all be overwhelming especially when you want to do the best for your pet.

We've put together this page of food topics for you to help you to make the best decisions concerning your pet's diet. And remember, if you ever have a diet-related question that isn't answered here, please call us at the hospital.

Choosing a Pet Food           

Deciphering Pet Food Labels            

Understanding Food Allergies           

Healthy Treats            

Treats Tips           

How Often Should I Feed My Pet            

Raw Food Diets            

Kong Stuffing Made Easy            

Foods Toxic to Pets            

Weight Management for Dogs            

Weight Loss Tips            

Food Allergies           

The Best Food Bowl for Your Pet

Safe Chews for Dogs

Results of a National Obesity Survey