We have a few requirements to help maintain a healthy and happy Preschool.

  • Puppies can attend preschool between the ages of 8-16 weeks old. We strive for all puppies to have a positive experience. Ages, temperaments, and veterinarian recommendations are considered in enrollment.
  • Puppies must live in your home for at least ten days before their first preschool class.
  • All puppies must have received at least their first physical exam at Animal Hospital of North Asheville and have received their first DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenzana and parvo virus) and at least 10 days before their first preschool class. Bordetella vaccination must be given at least 2 days before the first class. 
  • At each class, you must certify that your puppy is not showing any signs of illness such as: lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, ocular or nasal discharge, loss of appetite, etc. If your puppy is showing signs of illness, please contact us and do not come to class that evening.
  • Puppies who have recently had any type of surgery should return to class only after finishing the prescribed recovery period.
  • This is a free class with open enrollment, which means you can join at any time. Each session is completely separate from the previous classes. You must  register for each class you would like to attend by the end of the Wednesday the day before class. Please be aware that some classes may already be full.
  • Due to space limitations, please limit family members to 2 adults or 2 adults and 1 child. If you would like to bring more than 2 people, please contact us so we can make arrangements.
  • We prefer the focus of the class be on puppies socializing with each other, so we ask that kids be over the age of 7 years old if attending.  If a child is accompanying an adult, please supervise the child’s interaction with the puppies.
  • We focus on positive reinforcement, so we do not allow choke collars, chains, shock collar, holding muzzles closed or hitting puppies as a correction. (see how to choose a trainer for more information)
  • Come ready to have fun and learn new things!