A Visit to AHNA through the Eyes of a Cat

Text from Bella's Card:

Bella On Cover

This is why I have a muffin top!

Bella Gets Her Teeth Clean

6AM...I am whining for FOOD people...that other cat got some

7AM...I am dying here...no food yet

7:30AM...what's that jingle...Oh No!...THE CAGE. Too late. I am in.

8:00...Every orifice is checked and I am weighed and my fatness is discussed at length. Don't you see a lot of that is fur! All very embarrassing. Do they make Spanx for cats?

8:15...Ahh Dr. Thompson is here. I love him.

Later...I can't remember much of what happened next but it does involve needles and drugs! I dream of food, doesn't anyone realize I haven't eaten all day!

Much later...I wake up and my eyes are all gooey and I can't focus...am I trippin? At least some nice ladies come and check on me often and I am all snuggly in my heart blanket.

3:00 Finally my Mom comes...Get me outta here! and I need food! and what's this stretchy yellow thing on my arm...I am going to shake it off...ahhh get it off!

4:00 I am home finally. I don't know what happened but my arms are shaved. At least I didn't wake up with a tattoo. And I still haven't eaten...what is with this...I am given two...yes two microscopic pieces of food!

Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Bella (& Sandra Stambaugh)