SPECIAL THANKS to Dr. David Robinson, MD, Deborah Robinson and Noelle

Dr. Robinson and Dr. Earley looking at the high detail monitor.

There is a family that we would like to gratefully acknowledge. This family has been extremely helpful to this practice in many ways through the years. They have especially been of great support and assistance in helping us to bring Minimally Invasive Surgery to Western North Carolina and their wonderful pet, Noelle is the first dog to have a Laparoscopic Spay in this area.

Our Dr. Thompson, Dr. Earley and Dr. Duncan attended advanced training in Laparoscopic Surgery because they recognized the advantages in safety, speed of recovery and reduced pain offered by this technology. The equipment is expensive and complex and some of it is not sold to veterinarians and the assistance of an MD is necessary to purchase the more advanced equipment.

David Robinson, MD, a human surgeon and his wife Deborah are wonderful animal lovers and they volunteered their expertise and services in “getting us started.” Obviously, it was an honor and a privilege to work with and beside a human surgeon for the first surgery at our facility. Our first Laparoscopic Surgery was performed on Noelle, the Robinson’s personal pet.  Noelle really solidified our confidence that this surgery was ideal for pets when she awoke pain free, happy and was so much more active and playful than pets having traditional surgery.

The pictures in this blog show that first surgery with Dr. Robinson, Dr. Earley and Noelle.  Again THANK YOU Robinson family for your help bringing this advancement to our patients.


I want the Robinsons to know how much I appreciate their efforts in making it possible for you to offer laparoscopic surgical procedures at the AHNA. I also appreciate the doctors who received the advanced training in order to provide the pets of WNC with, when possible, a less invasive method of surgery. Congratulations to Noelle for being the very first patient to benefit from this!

Wow, I’m so impressed and grateful for any advancements for the care of our four legged friends ( and even o legged friends—–I have a Boa named Sylvia and 3 doggie pals)
David and Debbie, you’re just the BEST !!!! Why should a talented people surgeon stop with humans??? It’s awesome that Robinsons have extended their talents and love to animals ! What an example and I do hope others will follow !!!!! God Bless our animals and those who care for and love them !!!! Donna D

It was truly an honor and a privilege to be able to participate in bringing this surgical technology and technique to AHNA. It was no small commitment or financial undertaking that the Thompson’s and AHNA undertook and we enthusiastically applaud their decision to offer minimally invasive surgery for the benefit of pets and their owners all over western North Carolina. We were very fortunate that our sweet Noelle was the first dog to benefit from a laparoscopic spay….and benefit she did. She woke up wagging her tail with a silly happy grin on her face, ready to go home,and go home she did. She did AWESOME! !

Words can’t adequately express our love, appreciation and gratitude to the Dr.’s Thompson’s, our personal vet’s, Dr.’s Earley and Plankenhorn, and the entire staff at AHNA for always, ALWAYS being available and going above and beyond in their care of our fur kids. (Jim and Amy, you guys are THE BEST!!) Over the years they have cared for many of our cats and dogs, including patiently and tirelessly taking care of our blind diabetic dog, George, who howled and whimpered, and barked CEASELESSLY, for TWO WEEKS, while we were off in Israel enjoying the trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land. Dealing with George’s homesickness alone earned ALL the AHNA doctors and staff sainthood in our book!! =D You guys have laughed with us and cried with us over the years and we consider you much more than our wonderful veterinarians, we feel privileged to call you our friends.