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October 12, 2017 - 10:06pm

The Veterinary Dental Forum is an annual continuing education event held in various locations around the country for veterinary professionals. The conference is focused solely on veterinary dentistry, bringing specialists in human, small animal, large animal, and exotic animal dentistry together in one location to spread information and further learning on all types of dentistry and oral surgery.

This year was Dr. Sim's 12th time attending the Veterinary Dental Forum, and she brought with her four...

June 27, 2017 - 8:46pm

By the age of four, half of cats have a painful condition called Tooth Resorption in one or more teeth.  As cats age beyond four years old, it is estimated that 75% or more suffer from this painful condition. 

February 17, 2017 - 11:54am

Bella, a friendly, gentle yellow lab, arrived at AHNA for a dental care appointment in December. She is magnificently beautiful. Her family loves her dearly and takes excellent care of her. Without realizing the potential risk, her family bought what seemed like a simple toy for her to chew on, but it caused her great harm. The chew toy was a piece of antler, unfortunately commonly sold at pet stores and on the internet as a “natural” way to clean teeth and provide an enjoyable distraction and entertainment. Antlers, while a natural product, are much too hard for dogs to chew on.


September 28, 2016 - 11:35am

By Dr. David Thompson

It is well documented in studies that pets who live with smokers have a much higher incidence of cancer. While I have not conducted a scientific study, I have personally seen many cases of cancer here at Animal Hospital of North Asheville in the pets of clients who smoke. Please try to protect your pet from secondhand smoke. Although it is important to protect all pets, cats are especially prone to cancers in the mouth from cigarette smoke because in grooming themselves, they take into their mouths the secondhand smoke deposits that have accumulated on their...

August 26, 2016 - 4:03pm

This article originally posted on the American Veterinary Dental College website

The teeth of dogs and cats usually fit together well enough to chew food without discomfort.  “Malocclusion” is present when a tooth or some teeth are not able to fit comfortably when the mouth is closed. In veterinary patients, management of malocclusion (which can include shortening of the crowns or extraction of maloccluding teeth, or orthodontic treatment to move the maloccluding teeth to a more comfortable position) is designed to...

May 19, 2016 - 4:23pm

By: Dr. Dave Thompson

Veterinary Dentistry has three very basic goals: 

  1. Every pet should have a comfortable mouth.
  2. Infection and inflammation in the mouth should be eliminated or minimized.
  3. There should not be growths or tumors occurring in the mouth.

Most people wake up every morning and have no worries that they will have a comfortable mouth that day.  Unfortunately, it is estimated that 93% of pets in America wake up every morning with oral discomfort in the mouth. That is why Dr. Sim is so passionate about veterinary dentistry....

February 17, 2016 - 7:30pm

It is important to be very careful about buying rawhide chews because some are toxic to pets. The safest policy is to buy rawhide chews that are made in the US from hides originating in the US, but you must be very careful in your selection in order to know where they actually come from. Very few companies make them from the hides of cattle that lived in the United States. You may see a bag of chews in the store with a red, white and blue top with US flags or stars on the package, but if you look closely you will see that although they are distributed by a US company, they may actually be...

January 13, 2016 - 4:53pm

By Dr. Dave Thompson

Whenever I go to my own dentist for evaluation and cleaning appointments, my hygienist always asks, “Dr. Thompson, are you having any problems or sensitivity with your teeth?” Unfortunately, information on whether pets are feeling pain is much more difficult to obtain. When I am admitting my pet patients for dental evaluation and cleaning appointments, I always ask the parents/family members of my patients if they have noticed any symptoms of oral discomfort. Even when a cat or dog has a dental problem that we know is uncomfortable or painful, the family seldom...

November 17, 2015 - 7:38pm

By: Dr. Dave Thompson

Recently, an adorable little dog named Chance arrived with Mom to be examined and admitted for a dental cleaning and oral evaluation. This sweet boy is 11 years old and was so cute, timidly wagging his tail, a little greying in the face, and a little nervous, thus he kept an eye on Mom.

He received an injection to calm him and met Kelly C, the Registered Veterinary Technician who would be his nurse for the day, and all was well. His case is an important example of how permanent damage to the teeth and gums occurred because his Mom, a new client, had...

March 25, 2015 - 9:36am

I will demonstrate the correct way to brush your dog’s teeth on my dog. Learn about home care other than brushing. Learn how to tell if your pet needs professional dental care. You will also tour our high tech dental suite and see first-hand what your pet experiences when they are here for a professional dental cleaning. 


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