Care of your dog’s teeth – Why home care is so important.

FACT: Pet bad breath means periodontal infection.

FACT: The most common disease in dogs is periodontal infection (in 80% by age 3 years)

FACT: The most common cause of discomfort in dogs is periodontal infection.

FACT: Periodontal infection is preventable. Prevention saves discomfort and money.

Every pet owner would like their pet to avoid the chronic “silent” pain of periodontal infection, the mouth odor from infection and the risks to the heart, liver and kidneys. So many pet owners describe a feeling of shock when they hear that extractions are needed because oral disease has progressed too far.

AHNA has sophisticated anesthesia, digital dental x-ray and dental procedures. Our dental assistants are highly trained. We have Dr. Thompson who dedicates 100% of his time to the practice of veterinary dentistry.

Yes, we perform safe technical dental procedures, but the BEST SERVICE that we can provide is for all of us to work as a team to PREVENT infection, discomfort and extractions. Your pet needs you to believe in home care.

At some age, every parent of a child is told by a pediatrician that their daughter or son is ready for tooth brushing. The child may resist of even cry, but as a parent, you do not question your obligation to brush your child’s teeth. Your pet will greatly benefit from a regular program of home care from you and professional care from us.

Our team is happy to help you learn how to brush your pet’s teeth - (never risk being bitten).


Wow Gus, glad they took care of you fast! I recall that when Lady had a crumbling tooth, she showed no pain whatsoever, even chewing on bones with that side.

I would love to see a website video of Dr. Thomspon brushing the teeth of a small to medium-sized dog who is generally cooperative but not thrilled about the activity. It would also help to hear Dr. T explain and demonstrate the techniques that produce the best outcomes - clean teeth and health gums. I know I would benefit from watching a "real" dog toothbrusing session.

Thanks for all you do, Vicki