Indigo the "Miracle" Kitten

Indigo, a beautiful Siamese cat, joined John and Marjorie Hickman’s family in August of 2010. Within a month of settling in to his new home, Indigo became very ill.

“Indigo had a toy mouse that he liked to chew on,” explained John. “The plastic splintered and he swallowed it. The plastic punctured his intestine.”

Dr. Riggle performed emergency abdominal surgery to repair the hole and Indigo slowly recovered.

“Dr. Riggle called it a miracle that Indigo survived and is now thriving. He was especially pleased with the outcome of Indigo’s surgery,” said John.

Now at 18-months Indigo is good as new. He loves to play, especially with his favorite bird toy, which is a feather on a stick. “Just this morning he was jumping three feet in the air trying to catch the feather. He drags the stick around the house and brings the toy to Marjorie and me. He meows at us until we play with him.”

Indigo also likes to tease and play with Jake, the family dog. “Jake will lunge at Indigo, pretending that he’s going to chase Indigo, and Indigo will just freeze him with a stare,” said John.

“He’s a wonderful cat, with the bluest eyes and softest fur,” said John. “He’s a great comfort in our lives.”

From Dr. Riggle:

Indigo had a dime-sized opening in the colon, which is a VERY unusual problem to have in a cat or dog.  It was important to immediately repair the opening in the colon as very dangerous bacterial contamination of the abdominal cavity was occurring. To my knowledge Indigo is the only cat or kitten I have ever seen with such a perforation. I really did not expect Indigo to make it through the surgery. It was definitely "touch and go.” Even after the surgery was over, I was worried because the colon does not tend to heal well after surgical closure and is very slow to heal. I was very concerned that Indigo would develop complications which could be fatal. Indigo was very sick for four days and was kept in intensive care in our hospital. On the fifth day after surgery, suddenly Indigo was like a new kitten. All of us at the Animal Hospital were thrilled, especially since we had been so very worried.  He is a wonderful cat with a fantastic personality, and Indigo’s recovery was as close to being that of a "miracle" kitten as I have personally cared for at the Animal Hospital of North Asheville. 

Going into surgery John and Marjorie knew that Indigo's prognosis was very guarded. I am so thankful that they allowed us to work so hard to save Indigo's life.  At the time, Indigo was only 4 months old, but they were so devoted to him. They now have a most wonderful, beautiful grown cat, and I get so excited every time I see him. It is so rewarding to know that we were able to save Indigo's life and that he is living such a happy life with these wonderful people.