Meet the Dental Team

Dr. Jennifer Sim, originally from Connecticut, is a rare veterinarian that not only loves pets but also loves dentistry. Determined to offer the best to her patients, Dr. Sim has been undergoing advanced training in dentistry and oral surgery since 2006. She is able to perform procedures such as root canal therapy, placement of crowns, correction of painful bite abnormalities due to misalignment, cleft palate and large oronasal fistula repair, advanced treatment of jaw fractures and surgery to remove more advanced oral cancers. Dr. Sim brings highly advanced dentistry capabilities for pets to our community and also embraces the excellent patient care and pain control for which we are known.

Dr. Sim hopes to improve the wait time for scheduling a dentistry appointment while offering even more advanced procedures to save pets’ teeth and relieve pain.  Please feel to review her biography by clicking here.

Dr. Sim is assisted by three gentle, caring and specially trained Certified Veterinary Technicians. One technician is assigned to each patient and cares for them from pre-anesthesia, through general anesthesia and until full recovery when the pet is ready to return to the loving nursing care provided in the wards. During anesthesia, the doctors and technicians carefully prevent hypothermia with circulating warm water pads and Bair Hugger Warmers (warm air blankets) enveloping each patient. Careful six-parameter monitoring throughout anesthesia is also our standard. Feel free to ask for a tour to see our state of the art dental suite.

We thank you and want you and your pets to have the best dental experience possible.