Patient Care Coordinator

Lorraine Kendall, our Patient Care Coordinator, has worked at Animal Hospital of North Asheville for 11 years and she has more than 25 years experience caring for patients in veterinary hospitals.

The position of Patient Care Coordinator is multifaceted and requires someone who thrives on having many different responsibilities. “I think I have the best job in the whole hospital,” said Lorraine. “My job puts me in touch with just about every part of the hospital. I get to work with clients and patients, as well as the doctors and staff. I love that my job is different every day. If I had to pick any job at the hospital, I would pick my own. I’m very lucky.”

At the beginning of her day, Lorraine helps admit all of Dr. Thompson’s dental patients and makes sure that everything is organized and ready for him.  Her next duty is the responsibility of electronically filing bloodwork for the doctors.  This is a very detailed task that requires a lot of time and patience.  Depending on how busy her day is, Lorraine may also help with drawing blood and doing lab work. Lorraine also calls each client the morning after their pet has had a dental cleaning or procedure to check in on the patient to be sure he/she is recovering comfortably.
Lorraine is responsible for discharging more routine cases from the hospital. During this time she ensures that clients understand all medications and exactly how to care for their pet while he or she recovers.  Lorraine also makes sure all questions are answered and that the client feels totally comfortable taking their pet home.  Lorraine is also available by phone for questions if a client later has a question.

The PCC position also includes teaching clients how to give insulin and subcutaneous fluids to their pets, how to monitor blood glucose levels in diabetic patients using a glucose monitor, and how to give allergy injections to pets. The list goes on and on! The PCC position was created to be a liaison between clients, patients, and doctors. This job is truly one that requires multitasking all day long. Every hospital could benefit from having a wonderful person like Lorraine in this position. We also have other technicians who fill in for Lorraine when she has days off.  We love Lorraine!

Amidst these daily responsibilities, Lorraine is taking phone calls from clients. “If you have a question about anything regarding your pet, give me a call. Helping clients, who are calling because they are worried about the health and welfare of their pet, is one of my favorite things. I get questions about everything under the sun.” Lorraine answers both medical and behavior questions. “People call because their dog has fleas, or they are worried about how to introduce a new kitten into their household. Some clients are having litter box issues, or their dog won’t stop barking. I get calls after a pet has had a surgery and their bandage has come off – I really do get questions on every kind of issue, and I’m always happy to help.”

Lorraine is also trained to administer K-Laser treatments to pets. (For more information on the K-Laser, Click Here.) “Usually a pet will need a series of K-Laser treatments. During the first appointment or sometimes two, some pets are nervous, but soon they realize that it really feels good and they enjoy the treatment. It’s warm and soothing to the patient. By the end of their appointment schedule, they are actually very happy to see me! It’s so rewarding to see a once nervous patient wag their tail and be excited to see me. Some of them walk into the treatment area and plop down on the doggy bed and then look at me like, ‘Let’s get the massage started!’ It’s no wonder they love coming in; the treatment feels good and they’re getting treats the whole time!”

Lorraine is known by all for her true love of animals and people. You will not find a kinder person or one who is more eager to continuously give of herself. When asked to recall one of her favorite stories from working at AHNA over the years, Lorraine told this story.

“Dr. Riggle found a very skinny little dog and brought her into the hospital. She was tiny, and her fur was matted – she was a real mess. Of course, all of us gave her care immediately and everyone was lavishing love on her, but she needed a home because extensive efforts to locate her owner all failed. One of our clients came in and I told her about the little dog. I said, ‘You really need to see her.’ Well, she took one look at the dog and instantly fell in love. The client named her Luna. She is now one of the most pampered pooches in Asheville! She went from weighing 5.8 pounds to 10 pounds and she has a sleek, beautiful coat. I’m so happy that I matched them up. It’s an absolute love story!”


Everyone at AHNA goes above and beyond in the care of my dogs and cats, but I just had an experience with Lorraine last week that earns her the blue ribbon.

My deaf and blind 17-year-old poodle/terrier mix Angel was in seeing Dr. Earley about a mishap that occurred when I was trying to remove a thorny branch from her fur. After Dr. Earley sutured Angel's wound, he sent her to Lorraine for K-Laser Treatment to speed the healing (as well as for some athritis relief for her back.) The treatment was fantastic and Angel came out acting years younger. I highly, highly recommend the K-Laser!

I had mentioned to Dr. Earley that I felt terrible that Angel still needed her eyes and face trimmed for her to be comfortable but I wasn't about to go near her with scissors again. He encouraged me not to. But when he brought Angel out to me later that day, I was shocked to see that her face and ears had been trimmed, her "eye boogies" were cut out and she looked and smelled like a new dog. He told me that while Angel was still under from the suturing, Lorraine, a former groomer in addition to everything else, had cleaned her up for me. The relief I felt over Angel's successful medical outcome was matched only by my appreciation for Lorraine's willingness to go above and beyond for an old dog and her mom. She had done it because that is Lorraine's heart. She saw a dog in need and she knew she could do something to help.

Lorraine, I want you to know that although I know Angel isn't much longer for this earth, I will never forget what you did to make sure she feels clean and comfortable for what time she has left. You have a beautiful, gentle and generous spirit.