Pet Spotlight - Benson

Laura and Spanky Miceli adopted Benson from the Asheville Humane Society. “The Humane Society tried to find him a home for 7 months before we adopted him. The shelter normally isn’t able to keep dogs for such a long time, but I’m so glad they did. We adopted Benson and took him home and since then he has been the best dog, and the naughtiest dog!”

Benson is highly intelligent and mischievous, as you will see if you CLICK HERE to watch his video.

“He’s almost too smart,” said Laura. “He has taught himself how to open the refrigerator, the microwave, and all the cabinets. We have baby gates all over the house to try to restrict his access, but he usually figures out a way to get past them.”

Benson keeps busy with hikes at the Arboretum, going to work with Dad, and swimming at his great-grandmother’s house. He also loves trips to the beach.

“Benson is considered the firstborn grandchild in our family. He’s not called the grand-pup; he’s called the grandchild! My family just adores him,” said Laura.

Benson’s great-grandmother, Lee Meyer, loves all animals, not just Benson. She feeds a feral cat colony and managed to trap all 30 of the cats and had them spayed and neutered. Twelve of the cats were young enough to be adopted out to homes.

Penelope, also adopted from a local shelter, is the newest addition to the Miceli family. Benson and Penelope play all day long, which is keeping Benson happy and active.

“Benson can sometimes be a challenge, but I really wouldn’t change a thing about him. He makes us laugh. We love him,” said Laura.

Benson doing his best mermaid impression and also pictured with his grandpa.