Practices For Peacefully Coexisting With Wildlife

We are excited to be hosting Savannah Trantham, co-founder Appalachian Wildlife Refuge and licensed wildlife rehabilitator on Tuesday, February 4th, at 7 pm. Savannah spent 16 years at the WNC Nature Center as part of the animal care department with the last four years serving as the Assistant Animal Curator. She left the WNC Nature Center in January 2018 to oversee operations of the Appalachian Wild Urgent Care facility in Candler. She is excited to share simple tips on how you and your pets can peacefully coexist with wildlife.

Savannah will cover what is happening with wildlife each season and what you can do to help ensure their survival. She will also give tips on ways wildlife can be protected from lawnmowers, weed whackers, and hedge trimmers during lawn maintenance and landscaping chores. She will suggest alternatives to rodenticides and pesticides and provide solutions on how to keep squirrels out of your attic and how to safely evict them if they do set up residence. 

Not only will you learn about what you can do to help wildlife but you will learn why wildlife rehabilitators are a great resource for helping with injured or orphaned wildlife. She will also cover how one determines if an animal actually needs help or should be left alone.   

We hope to see you and your friends on Tuesday, February 4th at 7:00 pm for this very informative help session. Savannah is looking forward to answering your questions. This help session is for people only.
Who is Appalachian Wild Refuge:
Appalachian Wild Refuge is a nonprofit that coordinates the needs of wildlife rehabilitation in Western North Carolina providing care for injured and orphaned wildlife, support for the wildlife rehabilitation network, and conservation education to the community.
This is a free help session but donations will be accepted for Appalachian Wild Refuge. 
Monetary donations can be made out to the Appalachian Wild Refuge.
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