S.T.E.P.S. March 2012 Update - Recording your pet's weight

Total enrolled in S.T.E.P.S. this month: 19

Regularly weighing your cat or dog and recording their weight is a helpful way to keep you on track while you help them reach their healthy weight. Regular weigh-ins not only help you follow a pet’s weight during a diet, but also can alert a family to other medical issues if the cat or dog has unexplained weight gain or loss. There are several methods to weigh your pet.

Weighing your pet can be done free of charge at Animal Hospital of North Asheville any time we're open, and without an appointment. It is also a great way to socialize your pet and have a easy visit where the only thing that happens other than the weighing is a lot of attention and praise. Many pet stores have scales that can be used free of charge as well. Dogs are not the only ones that can be weighed at the hospital. We weigh cats on our baby scales in a quiet area.

If it is easier to weigh your pet at home, be sure to be consistent in the method used to weigh your pet and the scale used. If you do decide to weigh at home, please call us with each month’s weight so that we can record it in your pet’s record for your veterinarian to review. This enables your veterinarian to monitor the weight.  Here are some home weigh-in methods you can use:
The Bathroom Scale Method: Weigh yourself first  by standing on the bathroom scale. Write down your weight. Then pick up your cat or dog and stand on the scale.  Subtract your weight from the weight of yourself and your pet combined. This is your pet’s weight.  If you're keeping an eye on ounces of weight loss, this may not be the most accurate method. Some cats and dogs can be taught to sit on the scale by themselves.

The Baby Scale Method:  Baby scales can be purchased at stores carrying infant supplies. Many can be ordered online. Place your cat or dog in the cradle of the scale to measure the weight. This method is helpful especially for small dogs and cats where you need to weigh to the ounce. In small dogs and cats, even a couple ounces can make a big difference.

The Postal Scale Method: Postal scales can be used to  weigh to the ounce. The weighing platform is small, so you will need to put your cat or small dog in a box or carrier while weighing. The scale has a feature called "Tare Weight" that can automatically subtract the weight of the container so be sure to read your manual.
One of the newest and fun ways to weigh your pet is on the Wii’s popular "Wii Fit Plus" fitness game. This program allows families to create a profile and digital doppelganger for your pet. It tracks your pet’s weight in the comfort of your living room.   The Wii Fit Plus game has a pressure-sensitive Wii Balance Board that is used for activities and games for people and weight tracking for the whole family. The weighing process is similar to standing on a bathroom scale weighing your pet but the technology can detect inaccurate measurements due to wiggling of the pet in your arms. Not only it is it an easy way to weigh your pet, but it keeps track of the past weight and the dates. 
Click Here to watch a video that quickly shows how to use the the Wii Fit Pet Stats. Always be sure to discuss any weight loss or gain with your primary veterinarian.


  • Monthly weigh in and recording of the weight - If pets are being weighed at home, be sure to call the weight in so your doctor can monitor the weight.


Animal Hospital of North Asheville and S.T.E.P.S. are a proud sponsor of Brother Wolf's Run for the Paws 5K and 1 Mile Fun Walk on Sunday, April 22 at 1:30pm.

The 3rd Annual 'Run for the Paws' 5K Run and 1 Mile Fun Walk supports homeless pets. All proceeds benefit Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

Join us for an afternoon of fun at Fletcher Park. Enjoy live music, tasty food, games for kids and dogs while families can take advantage of the Wellness Fair. Come and check  out our booth at the pet vendor expo. This is one of very few races in the area where doggies are not only welcome but encouraged.

Not ready for a 5K? The 5K Training Program for People and Pooches begins Feb 27 and lasts for eight weeks. (to register - go to the link below)

The 5K and 1 mile courses are a mixture of grass and groomed trail in and around Fletcher Park.

Prizes will be awarded to the first dog, the oldest dog, and the smallest dog to cross the finish line in the 1 mile walk.

We will be walking in the 1 Mile Fun Run and would love to have everyone join us with their four legged friends. We will have leashes and T-shirts for our friends that are walking with us.
Be sure to Register for the Event.

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