Isaac was our special boy. He was always ready to go on a walk or check the mail. One of Isaac's favorite things to do was steal our shoes. We think this was a clever plot to ensure that we did not go far without him! And it worked. He was a constant traveling companion, visiting as close by as Hendersonville and as far away as Chicago.

Though all pets are special, Isaac truly was one of a kind. From his curly tail to his ability to  detect low blood sugar, his uniqueness shone through. He was our pig, our cuddle bug, and our Boo Boo.

Every day of his life, we thanked God for giving him to us, and now that he is gone, we still consider ourselves blessed to have loved someone who is so hard to say good bye to.

Rest in peace baby boy. We will meet again one day!

We love you and thank you for loving and taking care of us!

Isaac's Family