SAMANTHA was a very wonderful part of our lives. We purchased her in 2001 in Hollywood Florida, at the time she was just 8 weeks old. We found her at this place called the Puppy Palace, and she was so lively - the only one in the pool with the other Chihuahuas jumping around - and she was so cute, we then knew this was the one we wanted.

We trained her pretty well from puppyhood to an adult. Through her puppy years she was a handful, so filled with energy. We had so much fun with her, watching her growing up and traveling with her.

She had normal checkups at the vet of course and nothing was ever really serious. As the years went by she developed joint and hip problems. The vet put her on glucosamine for a long time and we took care of her and made sure she was well cared for. Then we moved to Blowing Rock, NC and she had no problems there. From there we moved to Georgia for a short while with her and then we moved to Hendersonville in 2006 stayed there about a year or so, and then moved to Asheville in 2008. She started to have problems with her respiratory tract, coughing a lot and she began to eat and drink excessively and even urinate on the floors. We were very concerned and then took her to a vet here in west Asheville where they told us she might have Cushing's disease. After testing and ultrasounds and blood work it was confirmed that she did have Cushing's disease so we were told what to expect and what treatment was available. For many reasons, we no longer felt we should stay with this vet so we were referred by a friend to a vet in Weaverville, who referred us to Dr. Golden at Animal Hospital of North Asheville. Dr. Golden was the vet for us.

Of all the vets we have taken her to none will compare to Dr. Golden and the wonderful staff there. She was on medication for a long time and progressively got worse. Then were told what would come later for her. She went through so much and then it was downhill from there. She had tests, ultrasounds and blood work, and she then developed bladder infections, frequent urination in our apartment, excessive eating and drinking (part of the disease). Then she developed crystals in her bladder, staff infections, and she was put on antibiotics, Vetoryl, for the Cushing's disease which came with a lot of side effects such as coughing and shortness of breath. She was put on special diet food for about 3 months, but the food did not dissolve the crystals so we were then told she might need surgery for the crystals in her bladder. This was confirmed. She needed surgery, but we decided against it. She was too old -13 years old - and we didn't want to put her through that, so we kept her on the medications and still kept getting her tested. We knew that she probably wouldn't last long, but we didn't want to believe that. 


On or about September 10th,2014,we noticed how she was having very bad breathing problems and coughing, and just seemed like she was getting weaker, so we waited for a few days and gave her anti-histamines as Dr. Golden recommended in the past and she seemed to get a little better. Then on the 11th she got worse. We tried to keep her comfortable as possible. On September 12th she was panting and really breathing hard and couldn't catch her breath, so I immediately called AHNA and spoke to Naomi and she asked us to bring her in at 8:40 am. We got ready it was now almost 8 o'clock. I took her out to do her business, but she just sat on the ground panting profusely I then picked her up and brought her back in and tried to give her water. She turned away. We were both ready to take her to AHNA but at 8 am she walked into the laundry room and I watched her fall on the floor. I ran over and she took one last breath and her heart stopped. I was stunned. I called my partner he came to us and I put my hand under her head. She just dropped over in my hand and she was gone. I kept saying,"PLEASE WAKE UP, PLEASE AND CRYING SO HARD BECAUSE WE COULDN'T BELIEVE SHE WAS GONE. I immediately called Naomi back and told her what happened and she said to bring her over and she would be waiting for us at the side door.

I was carrying a lifeless limp little body in my hands. I was in shock and couldn't believe this was happening. This was so traumatic for me - for both of us. We then were led to a bereavement room. The doctor told us to take some time to spend with her and say our good byes. I didn't want to leave. We then put her on the table with her blanket and kissed her little head and said goodbye and the doctor took care of the rest. They were so wonderful and caring and just made the process a little comforting. Thank you all at Animal Hospital Of North Asheville for sending The Rainbow Bridge poem and the cards you don't know how much that meant to us. It will always be a reminder of how much our Samantha was cared for and touched so many Lives and brought so much joy to the people that knew her..THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND CARE..WE WILL NEVER FORGET.WE LOVED SAMANTHA SO MUCH AND WERE GLAD WE HAD THE TIME AND YEARS WITH HER. SHE WAS SUCH A BIG PART OF OUR LIVES FOR 13 YEARS. WE WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH. MAY OUR BABY REST IN PEACE. NO MORE SICKNESS.OWNERS -WILLIAM RAYNOR-DOMINICK BATTAGLIOLI.