Shag May

From Shag May's owner: Shag May 18, 1989 - April 30, 2003 We lost our lab "Shag" to liver cancer. We will never forget that experience and loss. Shag was a best friend & companion. It felt as if he just lived to love us with seemingly limitless affection and unconditional love and loyalty. With every heartbeat we miss him and his physical presence in our lives, but his soul left a rainbow in our hearts and we will never ever stop loving him. So to honor Shag and all others who have lost their battle to cancer, we have begun the mission to do all we can to help cure canine cancer. It is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of two, afflicting one in four! Those numbers were astonishing, so with that in mind we felt this would be our "charitable cause of choice" this year.