"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich"  Louis Sabin.  We were gazillionaires (extremely rich people)!!!  Having Summit for over 16 years made us wealthy in every important way.  

From the first day we got her, until the day we set her free from her pain, she gave us so much joy and love.  She was a true Labrador Retriever in every way.  She was the perfect companion, friend and family member and she made us both better people.  We were a very close "pack".  She went everywhere and did everything with us.  And if she couldn't go, we didn't go either.  She loved to ride in the car and she was especially happy to go camping with us.  "The Sumpster" was a counter surfing, sock chewing, toilet paper grabbing, snore like a bear, taking up all the room in the bed  sweetheart.  She was especially bonded with her human Dad.  They did everything together and she was always by his side.  Everyone noticed how close they were.  Summit was truly a "Daddy's Girl".

One story I would like to share about her was the time Dr. Early had to surgically remove one of the fatty cysts from her chest.  We were supposed to leave her at AHNA overnight.  But Summit had a different plan.  That evening after her surgery, Dr. Early called and jokingly said "Come get this dog".  He said they could not make her comfortable at all.  She was having severe separation anxiety symptoms.  I immediately went to pick her up and brought her home.  The moment she stepped in to the house, she laid on her bed and was perfectly fine from then on.  This was truly indicative of how Summit lived her life.  She was happiest when we all were together.  No matter where it was, we just had to be together.  We miss her terribly and our home feels empty now without her.  Our hearts will always have Summit's name on them.    

We have been truly blessed to have AHNA take this journey with us and Summit.  They have always provided us with excellent care and consideration.  Any physician we had the privilege of seeing, has always been wonderful to us, and especially Summit.  The staff has been the best people to deal with during any difficulty we may have had.  We are most grateful to Dr. Wootten-Duncan(and her assistant) who Summit loved.  Dr. Wootten-Duncan got us to 16 years with her and helped us with love and support.  We will never forget Dr. Plankenhorn and Mick who took care of Summit during her trip to the Rainbow Bridge.  My respect and admiration is to everyone at AHNA.

In closing, I would like to leave another quote to remember.   "Be the person your dog thinks you are".  What a wonderful world we would live in if we could remember that.  We hope we can honor Summit's life by taking what she taught us and applying it to our life from now on.

Summit 11/07/2001 - 01/12/2018