Dr. Amy Brewbaker

Fear Free Certified veterinarian Dr. Amy Brewbaker brings her life-long passion for animals and love of senior pets to her role our North Asheville animal hospital.

Dr. Amy Brewbaker, Asheville Vet

About Dr. Brewbaker

Dr. Brewbaker is a native North Carolinian from Wilmington, where she grew up in a family of medical professionals. She has always had a love of animals since she was a young girl. Her first cat, Hauly was a stowaway in their U-Haul who lived until the amazing age of 21 years old. As a 10-year-old, she knew she wanted to have a dog as part of the family, so she took matters into her own hands. Dr. Brewbaker created a presentation for her parents on why she wanted a dog, breed preference, and how she was going to take care of it. Shortly afterward they brought Sir Charles Archibald "Archie" home to join the family. Archie was a King Charles Cavalier who lived to 15 years of age.

Dr. Brewbaker did not take a direct path to veterinary medicine. After graduating from Rollins College in 2006, she worked in pharmaceutical research and software industries. The career turning point was while she was working as a volunteer at Wake County animal shelter. She had been a dedicated member of the rescue community for many years before this. She fostered and found homes for more than 40 homeless dogs and cats. Working with litters of puppies, helping nurse sick animals, and helping provide care to special needs and senior pets was the encouragement she needed to enter into the world of veterinary medicine to help families offer the best medical care for their pets.

Having found her true passion, Dr. Brewbaker returned to school and earned her degree in veterinary medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, completing her clinical year at the University of Florida and even spending some time as an extern at the Animal Hospital of North Asheville.

Peaches and Pancake were two of the most rewarding fur babies she has worked with. They were special needs senior dogs that she adopted the same day. Peaches was a puppy mill breeder with a long list of serious medical issues. Pancake also had severe medical needs. During veterinary school, she helped nurse them both to a good quality of life and they lived 4 more years in her loving home. Senior pets hold a special spot in Dr. Brewbaker’s heart!

Dr. Brewbaker is Fear Free Certified and has completed the Heroes for Healthy Pets Infectious Disease program. During veterinary school, she completed several unique externships in shelter medicine, integrative medicine, and community outreach. Other special interests include preventative care, cardiology, and dermatology. When not helping care for our four-legged friends, Dr. Brewbaker enjoys yoga, hiking, kayaking and watching movies with her 13-year-old rescue pup Casper.

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