The Best Vet in the World!

Thank you, thank you!! You sent an e-mail, telling me that you know George's birthday is July 23! He'll be 4 years old; that means we've been with the Best Vet in The World for 3 years! Since he was a puppy. Thank you so much for all that you do.

When I lived in Northern Virginia for 30 years, 15 of those years were devoted to full-time bulldog rescue. I was co-founder and chair of ‘On the Rebound Bulldog Rescue Foundation.’ We were really the ground-breakers in bulldog rescue, and I'm proud to say that we helped those other rescuers who came after us. We also taught those others grant writing, fundraising, and anything else they asked us.

As chair and fundraising chair, I became quite familiar with most of the veterinarians in the surrounding states, and was quite well known to them as well, as a very particular client. Before moving to Asheville, I sent out my "feelers," to those rescuers who are in the area, and asked a few breeders for references. Most of my responses pointed to your animal hospital.

George and I have been very happy with Dr. Plankenhorn, and I really appreciate her treating me like an adult, and a very well informed bulldogger as well. She knows that I rescued and knows that I know many things about bulldogs. She gives me my due, since I've worked very hard to be an informed client. She's just outstanding.

~ Kate Mulderig